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ZSW Vibrating Feeder

ZSW Series

Input Size: 0-800mm

Capacity: 30-1000TPH

Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on

Product Features: Inheritance of classic design, pre-screening function, guaranteed working performances

The ZSW Vibrating Feeder is the tool feeding the lump, granular and powdery materials from the warehouse or hopper into the material receiving equipment in a uniform and continuous manner or by certain amount. In crushing lines, this product can feed the materials in a continuous and uniform manner to the crushing machine and screen the materials primarily.

Having Prescreening Function & Wide Applications

SBM’s ZSW Vibrating Feeder can be used to feed various ores, stones, river pebbles, construction wastes and other lump and granular materials. The feed chute is equipped with single layer of grate bars, which can simply pre-screen the materials to remove the fine materials and sundries in the raw materials.

Double Eccentric Shaft Vibration Exciter Stronger Than Ordinary Ones

ZSW Vibrating Feeder adopts double eccentric shaft vibration exciter, which is of powerful exciting force, stable amplitude, uniform and continuous feeding and high production efficiency, making material receiving equipment reach the optimal working state.

Simple Structure, Strong Adaptability

ZSW Vibrating Feeder is small, light, simple and compact. It has no rotary parts and few quick-wear parts. It has strong adaptability to all kinds of ores, especially viscous materials, and it can run under dusty or watery environment.

Low Noise, No Pollution

To avoid dust pollution and noise, ZSW Vibrating Feeder supports the closed structure in response to environment protection under the trend of developing “green mines”.

Digitized Machining, Higher Precision

SBM has dozens of CNC (Computer numerical control) machine production lines. From steel plates’ cutting, bending, planning to final painting, all steps can be controlled numerically. High processing precision assures that key parts have higher standards.

Sufficient Spare Part Supply, Worriless Operation

SBM, as a prominent enterprise integrating machine production and sales in mining machinery industry, is dedicated to be responsible for every product. Meanwhile, SBM always makes every effort to offer customers comprehensive technical services and sufficient spare parts to let them be free from worries about project operation.

Working Principle

A ZSW Vibrating Feeder is composed of a feed chute, a vibration exciter, spring supports and a transmission device. The vibration exciter, consisting of two eccentric shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) and gear pair, vibrates the feed chute. Driven by the motor, the driving shaft works under the action of the triangular belt. Next, gears on the driving shaft rotates the driven shaft. So, the rotation direction of driven shaft shall be contrary to that of driving shaft. In the process, the chute vibrates to convey materials continuously.

Product Parameters

Model Size of funnel (mm) Maximum feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Speed (r/min) Power (kW) Overall dimension (mm)
ZSW180×80 1800×800 300 30-80 970 1.1×2 2200×1100×800
ZSW200×120 2000×1200 300 80-500 970 1.7×2 2000×1200×855
ZSW300×90 3000×900 300 40-100 970 1.7×2 3050×1430×1550
ZSW380×96 3800×960 500 90-200 710 11 3880×2240×1880
ZSW420×110 4200×1100 580 150-350 710 15 4300×2450×2010
ZSW490×110 4900×1100 580 180-380 780 15 4980×2450×2010
ZSW490×130 4900×1300 750 250-450 780 22 4980×2710×2050
ZSW600×150 6000×1500 800 600-1000 780 30 6160×2919×2293


30+ years

Established in 1987, SBM has had more than 30 years of experience in mining machine industry.

4 billion

Lingang production base, which was built in 2015, has realized annual output value of 4 billion yuan.


The area of 6 domestic first-class digital mining machine production bases amounts to over 1,200,000m2.

180 countries

SBM's sales-net, covering over 180 countries and regions from different continents and overseas offices, were established in more than 30 countries.


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